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The wacky houseboat


Madelon Schoemaker & Ineke de Groen

ISBN: 978-90-83208-82-4

Engels| Hardcover| Druk: 1 | december 2021 | 68 pagina’s | fullcoler

The wacky houseboat

Jim’s mum and dad are divorced. His dad has moved to Brazil and Jim hasn’t seen or spoken to him in over two months which is worrying. What could have happened? Fortunately, he has plenty of things to take his mind off of that. He lives with his mother and best friend Bob on a very special houseboat with a trampoline as a diving board. There’s a kitchen full of delicious things, next to their bed a water slide, a hammock on the ceiling, a film room with a starry sky, a climbing wall and a skateboard room. Share their exciting adventures with zombies and water monsters and find out what happened to his dad. Well? What are you waiting for? Come and play now!


Madelon Schoemaker (1968) wrote “Reis om de Wereld in 80 recepten” and “Spanje Voorgoed”. She was co-author of ‘Lekker! Leven, eten en bewegen met Barbara de Loor. The Wacky Houseboat is her first children’s book.



Text: Madelon Schoemaker
Illustrations: Ineke de Groen , DeGroenDesign.nl
Design: Droomvallei Uitgeverij
Translation: Lizzie Kean and Julia Reijns-Muscatelli

the wacky houseboat

Chapter 1 The Wacky Houseboat
Chapter 2 The Escaped Zombies
Chapter 3 The Jellyfish
Chapter 4 A Night on the Island
Chapter 5 The Red-eyed Burglar
Chapter 6 Bam and Woof go Missing
Chapter 7 The Bird Thief


Pumpkin mini-pancakes
Eggy toasties
Dream recipe: Nina’s cheesy bread rolls
Kevin’s Grandma’s Lemper
Quark dessert with raspberries and meringue
Hot chocolate with marshmallows
Three-colour omelette
Banana ice cream

The wacky houseboat



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